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Does Anyone Know of Any Free Drug/alcohol Rehabs in So Cal?

Question by Skull Boy: Does anyone know of any free drug/alcohol rehabs in So Cal?
I have a nephew that has a really bad alcohol and speed addiction. He’s been in the emergency room several times over the past two years and almost died the last time. He needs to go a rehab center, but the family can’t afford it. Does anyone know of any free rehab centers in So Cal? He lives in Victorville CA, but will travel if needed. It needs to be a place where he can stay. Out patient won’t work for him I’m afraid.

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Answer by shawniewap
Wow, this is a bad situation. I went to inpatient treatment for alcohol a couple of years ago myself…and I am a completely different person now, thanks to treatment/the desire to heal/God’s grace. I wish I had some answers for you as far as facilities go, but I reside and was treated here in Virginia. if there is a Community Services Board in your area, that needs to be his first stop. They assess the person to establish “need for treatment” to form a diagnosis axis, and are the ones who make referrals to treatment facilities. They are publically funded, and should be able to cover his costs if he is categorized by the intake counselor as “indigent”. Get out the phonebook, make some calls…he can’t do it for himself right now…GOOD you, and him..

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