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Question by Rachel: what kind of degree would i need to be able to become a case manager at a drug and alcohol rehab center?
I am in recovery myself and have went down a long dark road and have came out on the other side. I know first hand the pain and heartache that people in recovery go through and I want to help others and give back. I have found a school that has a fast track alcohol and drug counseling program that after 10 months they send you a diploma for that and then you have the option to continue to get your associates degree. I’m not a spring chicken so I’m trying to do the fastest thing possible and I’m not looking to go back to school for 4 years or more!! Please help!!! Thank you

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Answer by Annie
Hi Rachel! Congratulations on your recovery! It is so nice that you want to help others in their path to recovery. According to this site, “A certificate in alcohol and drug counseling takes the least amount of time to earn, but these programs are generally only open to individuals who are already certified counselors. These certificates simply provide more specialized training and information to those who are interested in working specifically with people who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. While earning these certificates, students will study proven rehabilitation techniques and explore solutions to the challenges they will face as counselors.

To earn an associate degree, students will take more general classes. They will study psychology and sociology, learning how people come to be drug and alcohol addicts. Communication classes will also be required of associate students. The same sorts of classes will be taken at four-year universities, but bachelor’s degrees require more credits. Students will study actual counseling techniques and cases and they will also learn more about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on people.

Graduate degrees in counseling are required by most states in order to become a certified counselor. Most professionals earn master’s degrees in counseling with a specialization in alcohol drug and counseling. General knowledge of psychology and sociology is assumed, so curriculum will concentrate on techniques and theories of counseling. To earn doctoral degrees, students have to choose a specialized area of interest, such as a single patient case study or working with people of a certain socioeconomic background. They also conduct original research and write extensive dissertation papers on their chosen topic.”

Good luck with whatever you choose! 🙂

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