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Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin addiction is a powerful and devastating disease that affects many Americans every year. However, with the appropriate treatment, it is possible to treat and overcome an addiction to vicodin. Prescription drug abuse and addiction has seen a steady increase in recent years; however, there are many who would deny that addiction to vicodin is a prevailing issue. An addiction to vicodin is when the individual develops an obsessive-compulsive need for drug, which results in misuse of the drug–meaning, using the drug for non-medical reasons. Vicodin is a mood-altering drug, and an addiction to it can produce severe effects on a individual’s mind and body.

Vicodin addiction is extremely problematic, with most vicodin addicts denying they have a problem, and rationalizing their use by claiming, “I’m just taking it for the pain”, or “the doctor said I could take a little more than the usual”. Vicodin causes euphoria, and relaxation and calming of the body and mind, plus it relieves pain. Because physicians readily prescribe vicodin for pain, the addiction to vicodin is extremely common among prescription drug users.

Many prescription drug abusers had no intention of getting hooked on the drug; however, when their prescription runs out they start obsessing over how they are going to attain more of the drug. Vicodin addicts find that they cannot function properly without the drug; even after their pain has dissipated, vicodin produces an effect that they believe they are unable to live without. It is then that individuals suffering from vicodin addiction begin looking to outside sources for more prescriptions; many begin to “doctor shop”–visiting several different doctors to get the drug; and some are willing to do virtually anything to get more drugs, including lying and stealing.

An addiction to vicodin causes adverse effects on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being of an individual. Furthermore, an addiction to vicodin can rupture many happy homes and ruin relationships. There are many individuals who are addicted to vicodin who have a sincere desire to stop using the drug; however, the drug’s grip is so powerful, many are powerless without help from a rehab center. Vicodin addiction is a devious addiction–one the addict can free himself from, if he truly wishes to.

By seeking treatment for your drug problem, you will have at least have taken the first step necessary for recovery. The initial stage of treatment for an addiction to vicodin is detoxification, where the addict cleanses his body, ridding it of all the vicodin, and prepares himself for further treatment. If you or someone you love is addicted to vicodin addiction, there is hope. Treatment facilities are available; they offer a wide array of programs (outpatient, inpatient, and behavioral therapies) to help the addict with his battle. Additionally, they are a great reminder that as an addict, you are not alone in your quest.

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