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Dina Lohan pleads guilty to drunk driving, speeding in New York
The newspaper also said he told her he wants her to perform 100 hours of community service before her sentencing date and that he plans to make her complete a 16-hour drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for drivers. Dina must also install Ignition …

NCAA Council Approves Unlimited Meals
But according to an interpretation, spreads like cream cheese were prohibited, according to a February report by the Los Angeles Times. The NCAA eliminated that interpretation last year. The committee also approved a measure that would reduce the …
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Beverly Hills News – Former Beverly Hills Rehab Sued for Second Patient Death
Until her death on April 27, 2012, she resided at one of two sober-living residences on Sunset Plaza Drive in Los Angeles that was outside the main Facility and former Taylor home on Summitridge Drive, the suit states. … At about 8 p.m. the night of …
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Question by Skull Boy: Does anyone know of any free drug/alcohol rehabs in So Cal?
I have a nephew that has a really bad alcohol and speed addiction. He’s been in the emergency room several times over the past two years and almost died the last time. He needs to go a rehab center, but the family can’t afford it. Does anyone know of any free rehab centers in So Cal? He lives in Victorville CA, but will travel if needed. It needs to be a place where he can stay. Out patient won’t work for him I’m afraid.

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Answer by shawniewap
Wow, this is a bad situation. I went to inpatient treatment for alcohol a couple of years ago myself…and I am a completely different person now, thanks to treatment/the desire to heal/God’s grace. I wish I had some answers for you as far as facilities go, but I reside and was treated here in Virginia. if there is a Community Services Board in your area, that needs to be his first stop. They assess the person to establish “need for treatment” to form a diagnosis axis, and are the ones who make referrals to treatment facilities. They are publically funded, and should be able to cover his costs if he is categorized by the intake counselor as “indigent”. Get out the phonebook, make some calls…he can’t do it for himself right now…GOOD you, and him..

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States combat alarming drug overdose deaths
Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have passed "Good Samaritan" laws that grant limited immunity to drug users who seek help for someone who has overdosed, according to the Trust for America's Health (TFAH), a nonpartisan research and …
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Missing girlfriend of Solon man found dead in Philadelphia
Since then, the FBI helped local police in a multi-state search for Malik, the Delaware County Daily Times reported. … He was sentenced to 80 hours community service, 177 days in jail and to attend a drug and alcohol treatment program. Records say he …
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Question by Shabnam: What’s about the court for Lindsay lohan?
i saw some pictures of lindsay lohan in court,and i wanted to be what is that all about?can someone explain me???PLZ

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Answer by Ani
January 2006: Vanity Fair reports that Lohan admitted she had bulimia during an interview, but Lohan denies that she has an eating disorder. The article quotes Lohan as saying, “I was sick. Everyone was scared. And I was scared too. I had people sit me down and say, ‘You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself.’ ”

January 2007: Lohan checks into rehab for the first time. “I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health,” the singer says in a statement. “I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time.” In December, Lohan’s publicist revealed that Lohan had been voluntarily attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

May 26, 2007: Lohan gets arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after her Mercedes convertible strikes a curb in Los Angeles. Police reported that they found a substance they believe to be cocaine at the scene.

May 28, 2007: Lohan checks into rehab again. “Lindsay admitted herself to an intensive medical rehabilitation facility on Memorial Day,” a representative for the singer/actress says in a statement. “Because this is a medical matter, it is our hope that the press will appreciate the seriousness of the situation and respect the privacy of Lindsay as well as the other patients receiving treatment at the facility.”

June 14, 2007: Lohan is accused of being drunk when she crashed into a parked van in Beverly Hills in October 2005, according to a lawsuit. Raymundo Ortega claims Lohan — who was 19 years old at the time — “consumed alcohol and became intoxicated” at the Ivy restaurant before the accident.

July, 14, 2007: Lohan checks out of Promises rehab facility after more than six weeks and celebrates the end of her 45-day stay by soberly partying with some friends at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.

July 24, 2007: Less than two weeks after leaving a rehabilitation facility, Lohan is pulled over by police early in the morning and arrested on five counts, including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended license and possession of narcotics. Lohan checks into an undisclosed rehab facility hours after the arrest.

August 14, 2007: Lohan gets sued again, this time for assault and negligence by one of the passengers who was traveling in the car the actress allegedly chased the month prior while driving under the influence.

August 23, 2007: Lohan gets charged with seven misdemeanor counts for her two DUI arrests earlier that year. She reaches a plea deal, saying she would spend one day in jail, serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug-treatment program. Lohan is placed on 36 months’ probation and required to complete an 18-month alcohol-education program and pay hundreds of dollars in fines. She also is to finish a three-day county coroner program that required her to visit a morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers. “It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs,” Lohan writes in a statement released to MTV News.

October 5, 2007: Lohan leaves a two-month rehab stint at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah. She is also seen with her estranged father, Michael, who was carrying her suitcases.

December 31, 2007: In a video posted on TMZ, Lohan drinks straight from a bottle of champagne while partying in Italy.

October 16, 2009: Lohan shows up more than an hour late to a probation hearing in Beverly Hills for a progress review on her two DUI cases. She gets another year of probation tacked on due to failure to complete alcohol-education classes as required.

April 26, 2010: Lohan is asked to leave the film “The Other Side.” The director says Lohan was fired because she is not “bankable.”

June 8, 2010: A Beverly Hills judge issues an arrest warrant for Lohan and orders her to post $ 200,000 bail after she violates a court order to not consume alcohol while wearing a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. The warrant is recalled after bail is posted.

July 6, 2010: Lohan is sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab for violating her probation.

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doctors see increase in babies born with addictions
… and gynecologist at Mercy Medical Center, has been delivering babies who begin to experience withdrawal symptoms days or hours after being born to mothers who addicted to heroin or other opiates, or are on an opiate replacement treatment program.
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Brittany Ozarowski, NY Woman Who Faked Cancer Diagnosis To Fund Heroin
Besides paying back the money in equitable restitution, she will need to do community service and enter into a 24-month inpatient and outpatient drug addiction treatment program. Failure to comply will result in four years of imprisonment. Still, some …
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This drug could make a huge dent in heroin addiction. So why isn't it used more?
By federal law, methadone must be delivered in a highly-structured opiate addiction program. It cannot be delivered in a physician's office. Buprenorphine can be. The Drug Abuse Treatment Act of 2000 was revolutionary in its specific intention to allow …
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Chris Brown Out of Rehab, Continuing Treatment as Outpatient
Chris Brown is no longer under inpatient care in rehab. "Chris is continuing his rehab program as an outpatient and is also completing his community service in the Los Angeles area," Brown's rep tells E! News in a statement. "He appreciates all of your …
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Hingham Wellness Tackles Substance Abuse, Mental Health Together
And so the doctors launched Hingham Wellness, a more comprehensive and intensive approach to outpatient care that works with patients simultaneously dealing with addiction and psychiatric disorders, which are often the crux of a substance abuse …