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Drug Detox Centers

There’s one reason why drug detox centers exist, and that is to help you rid yourself of the toxins that have been amassed in your body due to your drug use and dependency. When an individual stops using drugs and alcohol, her body undergoes withdrawal. Because of the harsh physical symptoms that occur during the withdrawal process drug detox facililties have become extremely necessary.

Some drug detox facilities specialize in treating men only, women only, or teens only, while many treat all groups of people. Regardless, the main goal of all these centers is to help you undergo alcohol detox, cocaine detox, heroin detox, opiate detox and several more. Some drug detox centers also provide medical detox–the physician administers the patient with medication to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. You may be involved in outpatient care, when you are prescribed the medication and then sent home to consume the medication on your own. Other services involve inpatient treatment services–while you detox (on the premises) you are prescribed with medications as you need them. Some detox facilities incorporate counseling while with others you are sent home once any medical danger has passed. There are also other drug detox centers that provide treatment even after the detoxification is complete to assist you in reinstating your physical and emotional well-being.

There are some detox centers that provide services for women who are addicted to alcohol, any drug and any mixture of drugs. They provide medical, emotional and physical assistance as you undergo detox; all this is done to better prepare you for your actual drug treatment. Remember, detoxification is not an actual treatment; it is a precursor to treatment. Drug detox by itself cannot help you stay clean from drugs and alcohol. Although detox is completely vital to the process and is a solid first step, an efficient and capable effective treatment program should also follow; this program should focus on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects your life, striving to help you cope with life by enforcing positive thoughts and actions.

Most detox facilities will first start you off with an in-depth evaluation during admission to see whether or not you have any medical issues that need monitoring. The detox process should be a very thorough process and should not be rushed. Next, your drug detox should address how it will stabilize you physically and mentally without the use the drug you have become addicted to or dependent on. Depending on the drug and your addiction level, this process can take a few days, or a week or more. During detox, the staff at the center will also prepare you for group meetings, therapy and classes. It is not required that you feel 100 percent better for you to progress from detox to treatment. In fact, treatment will provide the healing time you need to get better after undergoing detox.

Your drug detox center should strive to make your withdrawal symptoms as few as possible and should allow for a smoother transition into treatment.

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