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Question by Blah: How legalistic is Assemblies of God?
What are some of the things they aren’t allowed to do? Can they watch TV and play video games?

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Answer by Desiree
They’re an offshoot of Pentecostalism, aren’t they? So that means they have evolved beyond rolling around on the ground whilst making gibberish noises. They have taken this behavior to a new level. They are even crazier than crazy.

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Question by Paris: Can someone explain the inpatient rehab “level” system?
My boyfriend is in an inpatient rehab facility because of his drug use and threatened suicide. His mom told me he’s a “level 2” and I can’t communicate with him at all until hes a “level 3.” Can someone please explain what this means and what he has to do to be a “level 3” so I can talk to him again? I really miss him ๐Ÿ™

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Answer by Mattshark
It is a fairly common practice in institutional care to create a level system, although each facility puts its own spin on how it works for that unit. Generally, patients come in at a low level, like a 0 or a 1, and can increase levels depending on several factors. Generally, behavior is an important part of moving up levels, so the patient that attends treatment, stays safe and generally stays out of trouble earns points toward moving up. The other factor is often time. For example, a unit may require you to behave as they want for 24 hours before moving to the next level. Each higher level generally comes with more privileges, so by moving up levels the patient may earn phone calls, unsupervised time, time on the video game, etc. Finally, it is generally practiced in drug treatments in particular that time away from the environment the patient came from is a good idea, so they generally start the lower levels without family or friend contact and then allow it with good behavior and time.

The thing I would want to say to you is that this is probably a good thing, and that although I know it is hard on you, I also know you care about him, and so following the units rules is a good thing all around. Find some way to meet your emotional needs while he is out of contact, such as spending time with your family or friends, take walks, read books, knit, etc. The time will pass quickly enough, and hopefully you will get a boyfriend back who is sober and safe and working on his life in a positive way.

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The Holistic Sanctuary Raises Alarm About Teenage Drug Addiction
In a PBS interview with David Sheff, author of โ€œClean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy,โ€ he outlines an abundance of reasons why society and traditional addiction treatments have failed to help the 20 million Americans with …
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Video Games, Even Violent Ones, Aren't All Bad for You
"Important research has already been conducted for decades on the negative effects of gaming, including addiction, depression and aggression, and we are certainly not suggesting that this should be ignored," Granic said. "However, to understand the …
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Question by Brittney: How do you tell a friend he is an addict without making him mad?
Now it’s not your normal “drug/alcohol addiction” it’s something that could be just as bad, video games. He plays like, up to 8 hrs. DAILY. It’s kind of depressing to see him lounging around in his room all day playing games….

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Most times it’s impossible to make others see themselves.
The only thing you can do is invite him somewhere.
And also find some outside avticities to share with him.

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When Playing Video Games Means Sitting On Life's Sidelines
The initial, in-patient part of the program is held on a property that has a tree house and a garden. (NPR) … Typically, she says, those who come to her facility for help have been gaming from a young age, and the addiction has "been growing over …
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Welcome To Internet Rehab
Welcome to Internet rehab. It's the first inpatient Internet addiction treatment center in the country, located in the Behavioral Health Services unit at Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Many of us have joked at one time or another …
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'Observation care' woes continue
Upon discharge, observation patients can get hit with big bills for rehabilitation care. While Medicare pays for up to 20 days of rehabilitation at a skilled-nursing facility, a patient must spend three consecutive nights in the hospital as an …
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Grayson Council backs treatment facility
Oct. 16, 2013 โ€” Grayson City Council passed a unanimous resolution Tuesday night in support of the construction of a 100-bed inpatient drug rehabilitation facility in Grayson. The center will be managed by Pathways and operated like the Morehead …
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Judge orders Vivitrol treatment for teen drug addict
Judges can order treatment programs and those treatment agencies may or may not use Vivitrol. Butler County Judge Noah Powers said it is something he would consider. โ€œI know is has gotten mixed reviews, but so has inpatient treatment. For some it works …
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When Playing Video Games Means Sitting On Life's Sidelines
The initial, in-patient part of the program is held on a property that has a tree house and a garden. (NPR). A facility outside … Hilarie Cash, who founded the rehab program, has been studying Internet and technology addiction since the 1990s. She …
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