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Support Groups
Quit Smoking Classes, presented by Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center, 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays through April 15, St. Vincent's Heart and Vascular Building, 1824 King St., Suite 100; 5:30 p.m. Thursdays through April 17, Family Care Partners …
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Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Garrett Jones hit late homers, but Marlins fall to Mets
Left fielder Christian Yelich then made a nice running catch on pinch-hitter Bobby Abreu's liner for the second out. But Omar Quintanilla … Furcal joined the Suns on Monday on a rehab assignment for a hamstring strain he sustained in spring training …

Saturday Morning Quarterback
Arkansas, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chattanooga, Florida, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky are listed by different recruiting websites as being in the mix. … In other recruiting news, though this is a bit dated …
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Question by Happy: Emergency Money/Student Loans?
I have been unemployed for over a year now. My unemployment has stopped. I have applied for every job you can think of from cleaning, waiting tables, etc. ( I have applied to over 300 jobs) My background is in Administration/Management so these companies are not interested in hiring me. I have recently tested HIV+ which is something that I am dealing with.

I have no money in my bank account it is currently over drafted. I have tried contacting my local HIV orgainzation that provides emergency assistance for rent and have not had any responses for 3 weeks to my voice mails, emails, etc. I have also been in contact with the Social Service Dept at the hospital who keeps telling me to “keep trying”. I am currently enrolled in College, however, I will not get a refund from my student loans until next month. I have tried to arrange something with my land loard in case I am unable to get the funds to pay June rent. My land lord will not budge, never been late on my rent and have been here for 3 years now.

I have no family here that I can turn to either. I have called every State/Local/County offices for the past 3+ weeks and haven’t received any luck. Do anyone know of a program that will give a loan aganist your student loans? Meaning someone who will give me the money to cover my rent today and next month I can pay it off with my refund check from my student loans?

I’m located in Ohio
* I have nothing to sell, I sold my car after 6 months of being out of work. I have no furniture in my house just clothes, tv and a bed. So I don’t have anything to sell.

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Answer by monique
I am not sure the name of the local organization you contacted?

The state of Ohio through the Health Department has a Ryan White program.
“HIV Case Management Program / Ryan White Emergency Financial Assistance Program
HIV Case Management agencies are located throughout Ohio, providing coverage for every county in the state. Case managers who are trained to help people living with HIV or AIDS can help find the medical treatment and programs they need. A case manager can also determine eligibility for Ryan White Emergency Financial Assistance.

The purpose of the Ryan White Emergency Financial Assistance Program is to assist individuals who are HIV positive and have an emergency need that is HIV-related. The program is one of last resort. Services that may be covered include: medical services, limited dental services and limited mental health services .

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) administers the Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program (OHDAP) program, providing medications to fight HIV and to treat HIV-related conditions. In addition to OHDAP, the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program is designed for those with health insurance coverage (including COBRA) and the Ohio Medicaid Spenddown Payment (OHMSDP) program is for those with HIV who are on Medicaid and have a spenddown that they must meet each month.” (Link to the above information, which includes contact information)

More details about the Case management program
“HIV Case Management Program

HIV case management agencies are located throughout Ohio, providing coverage for every county in the state. Case managers who are trained to help people living with HIV or AIDS can help find the medical treatment and programs they need. A case manager who is familiar with the community can help find doctors, housing, support groups or transportation for people who need these services. There is no fee for their help. A case manager can also determine eligibility for Ryan White Emergency Financial Assistance (RWEA). Case managers must be licensed social workers and adhere to the HIV Care Services’ Standards of Care.”

While the above program only provides financial assistance related to the HIV diagnosis, if you are able to get a case-manager he/she can help you find services out there you may not be aware of.

Loan companies would not give a loan based on an expected refund amount from a student loan. Loan companies, such as payday loans and those types of loan companies want to see pay stubs and your title loan companies of course want to see titles, because then they know they can go after the person for the money. A hypothetical student loan refund amount is not a guarantee.

I am honestly disappointed that the social services department at the hospital did not provide you with a list of resources and make referrals to agencies like through the Ohio state Department of Health. Typically when professionals call to agencies with situations like this, since verification of the diagnosis is part of the process all of that can get ironed out. All the patient has to do is sign a release of information saying it is okay to make referrals.

Since your rent situation appears to be the top of your priority list, if I were in this situation instead of calling, I would personally visit local churches to try to see if they would be willing to donate money to assist me with paying rent. Showing up in person shows you are who you say you are, and it puts a face behind the need. Let them know you are in school, and will receive your student loan refund next month, and have been unemployed after looking for employment, your unemployment ended and you are unable to pay your June rent at this time. Let them know you have no family that can assist you and that you have nowhere else to turn. I think for the churches that do provide you with money, it would also be a good thing just to give them something back in return…and they may be more willing to give monies that way. I don’t know how your health is or if you are physically capable……..but perhaps asking if you could mow their lawn, help clean the building, etc. Usually religious entities are used to the individuals who just ask for money, but it is rare to get the person who says he/she would be willing to give back….this may make them view your case more legitimately then just someone trying to use the system, so to speak.

Best wishes!

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Support groups in the area are ready to help in various ways
FRIENDS & FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP: Big Stone Gap, Va., Behavioral Health Services, behind Powell Valley High School, hosted by Frontier Health; offers tools, friends and families needs to assist people with addiction, move toward recovery; Tuesdays, 6:30 …

The High Life
“If street drugs like heroin could be decriminalized, regulated, controlled and distributed in a medical context along with serious addiction treatment protocols, those who choose to abuse the drug would, at the very least, be able to count on …

Abilene, Big Country calendar for 3/10
Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous, 8 p.m., Avoca United Methodist Church. 325-773-2611 … Stroke/Aphasia Recovery Program support group, 1:30-2:30 p.m. West Texas Rehabilitation Center boardroom, 4601 Hartford St. 325-793-3535. Dystonia …

Youth Fair a day of indoor fun at Fingerlakes Mall
Folks of all ages could stop and have their blood pressure assessed by Auburn Community Hospital's Cardiac Rehab Center, learn about day-care options at Childcare Solutions, or some of the free learning opportunities at the Booker T. Washington Center …
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Find a local support group
The Alzheimer's Support Group, Meadville area, for those caring for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m., Lew Davies Community Center, 1034 Park Ave., Meadville. …. The following Food Addicts …

Heroin addicts who want help likely to be denied by insurers
“A lot of these heroin users now have families, and the insurers aren't looking at them the same way as someone who's homeless or living in a drug house,” said Robert Lebman, president of Huther Doyle, an addiction treatment center in Rochester. (Page …
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Question by Meghan W.: General addiction support?
I have what I believe to be an addiction, but it does not fall into the regular “groups” (Drugs, Alcohol, Sex/Porn, etc). Are there any general addiction support groups where I could seek peer aid?

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Answer by kim s
It’s kinda hard to help if we don’t know what the addiction is. But there might be a support group for it. Maybe try googling it instead.

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