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Online Intervention Improves Outcomes in Substance Abuse
A large, randomized controlled trial (RCT) of more than 500 adult outpatients seeking treatment for substance abuse showed that those who received 12 weeks of Therapeutic Education System (TES) plus individual and group counseling had a significantly …
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Bain Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics
But as opiates ravage communities from rural Vermont to Hollywood, treating addiction has become big business. The push for national health care, and recent changes to federal health insurance laws could make it even more attractive. Substance abuse …
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Tennessee bill OKs criminal charges for mothers' prenatal drug use
State legislators slid in an amendment to the bill that allows women to avoid criminal charges if they receive drug treatment voluntarily, appeasing early opponents in the state who argued against punishing women addicts. The bill also has a sunset …
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New treatment center helps teens with substance abuse, psychiatric issues
A new residential treatment center helps local teens receive substance abuse and psychiatric services without having to leave the area, or the state. Devereux Arizona opened the 10-bed facility on April 7, said Debra Howard, Devereux Arizona's …
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Servants of God can tackle drug problem?
Clarence Lee, 43, was a guest at Crossroads Christian Center as part of its weekly Invade youth ministry. Lee was brought in as … He played football as a freshman in high school but didn't wind up on the playing field again until his final year of …

Residential Therapy Way to Go for Substance Use Disorders?
ORLANDO, Florida ? Residential substance abuse treatment can result in improved functional outcomes that persist for 12 months post discharge, new research suggests. A small study showed significant … Worthwhile Investment? Commenting on the study …
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Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse
Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Understanding the power of drugs and alcohol that take a person from functioning to broken helps when beginning to heal, and there is help available.
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Leading Rick Scott Campaign Contributor Owned Abusive Rehab Centers
Straight Inc. was a substance abuse rehab program that earned itself a notorious reputation for brutality, abuse, and humiliation of its clients. The program was founded by former U.S. ambassador and co-chair of the Florida Finance Committee for Mitt …
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St. Petersburg Russia Church Liquidated; Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
For example, in the first Rostov case, Forum 18 said the Neklinovsky District Prosecutor took Exodus Pentecostal Church in Taganrog to court in 2013 over alleged violations of fire and sanitation regulations in a rehabilitation center run by the church.
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