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Disgraced Illinois judge awaits decision on where he'll serve 2-year term in
LOUIS — A disgraced former Illinois drug court judge at the center of a courthouse drug scandal is getting time to square away things before serving a two-year sentence on heroin and gun convictions. But exactly where Michael Cook … "The court …
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The future is Alzheimer's
Florida Hospital's 17-bed senior behavioral health unit in Lake Placid cared for more than 400 patients last year. "I am very worried about this growing mismatch between health care needs and health care providers," said State Rep. Cary Pigman. He is …
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Timeline: US school violence since 1927
September 15, 2009 – Coral Gables Senior High School, Coral Gables, Florida. 17-year-old …. Osmanson is sent to a private residential treatment center. February …. After time in a psychiatric hospital, Christian attends high school in the Dallas …
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Question by Rebecca: Are there any books(novels) on teed depression or cutting?
If so , what are they called, Thank you x

Best answer:

Answer by Rock? Pugs??
Try “Cut,” by Patricia McCormick.

“Callie cuts herself. Never too deep, never enough to die. But enough to feel the pain. Enough to feel the scream inside.
Now she’s at Sea Pines, a “residential treatment facility” filled with girls struggling with problems of their own. Callie doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone. She won’t even speak. But Callie can only stay silent for so long….”

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“Scars,” by Cheryl Rainfield.

“Kendra, a sexual abuse survivor, cuts to cope with the pain, but she doesn’t remember the identity of who abused her. Kendra makes a friend in Meghan, and falls in love with her. When Kendra’s abuser starts threatening her, she must find a way to face her past and stop hurting herself–before it’s too late.”

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“Impulse,” by Ellen Hopkins.


“Three teens tell their stories, from a psychiatric hospital after failed suicide attempts…
A compulsive cutter hides a paper clip to dig into her skin. Tony’s drug overdose was triggered by an addiction in which he exchanged sex for money. And Connor is the son of rich, controlling parents, and he survives a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a doomed affair with a female teacher.”

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Question by the5500: Whats the difference between psychiatric hospital, psychiatric ward, insane asylum, mental hospital and rehab?

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Answer by michele
They are different terms for the same place (i.e., inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse treatment). The term “insane asylum”, however, is quite antiquated. “Rehab” is more associated with substance abuse treatment facilities. “Psychiatric/mental hospital” is usually a freestanding facility that is devoted solely to treating psychiatric patients. A “psychiatric ward”, is typically housed within a general med/surg hospital.

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Question by The Princess: What is Vocational Nursing?

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Answer by wahootexan
What is a licensed vocational nurse (LVN)?

An entry-level health care provider who is responsible for rendering basic nursing care.

A vocational nurse practices under the direction of a physician or registered nurse.
The licensee is not an independent practitioner.


2. What are the curricular requirements for an LVN?

1,530 Total Hours: Theory – *576 Hours; Clinical – 954 Hours
*Includes Pharmacology – 54 Hours

Program Length:
Full-Time 12-14 Months of Training

Part-Time 18-20 Months of Training


3. What is the course content for a VN program?

Anatomy & Physiology

Nursing Process
Patient Education

Normal Growth and Development
Rehabilitation Nursing

Maternity Nursing
Nursing Fundamentals
Pediatric Nursing

Medical/Surgical Nursing
Gerontological Nursing

Communicable Disease including Human Immunodeficiency Virus


4. Where are Vocational Nursing Programs located?

Community Colleges

Adult Education includes High Schools

Private Schools

Regional Occupational Centers




5. Where are LVNs employed?

Acute Medical/Surgical Hospitals
Convalescent Hospitals (Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing)
Home Care Agencies
Outpatient Clinics
Doctor’s Offices
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Dialysis Centers
Blood Banks
Psychiatric Hospitals
Correctional Facilities
Vocational Nursing Programs


6. What is the typical salary range of an LVN?

$ 14 – $ 18 Per Hour
$ 29,120 – $ 38,016 Per Year


Requirements for vocational nurse licensure are specified in the Vocational Nursing Practice Act. There are four (4) methods by which one may qualify for the licensure examination. Each method is designed to provide an individual access into the job market as an entry-level practitioner.

Method #1: Graduation from a California “accredited” Vocational Nursing Program.
Method #2: Graduation from an Out-of-State “accredited” Practical/Vocational Nursing Program.

Method #3: Completion of equivalent education and experience.

Pharmacology – 54 Hours
Paid Bedside Nursing Experience – 51 Months
Verification of Skill Proficiency.
Method #4: Completion of education and experience as a corpsman in the United States military.

Twelve (12) months active duty rendering direct bedside patient care.
Completion of the basic course in nursing in a branch of the armed forces.
General honorable discharge from the military

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Question by : what are some residential treatment centers for teens in texas who are battling depression?
i’m trying to look for a residential treatment center in texas for adolescents who are battling depression, anxiety, self mutilation, etc. please let me know of some names of the centers and where they’re located!

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Answer by Nathan
My advice is to just google “psychiatric hospitals in Texas”, a psychiatric hospital is your best bet when it comes to things like this.

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Welcome To Internet Rehab
It's the first inpatient Internet addiction treatment center in the country, located in the Behavioral Health Services unit at Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Many of us have joked at one time or another about being addicted to our …
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Walk For Hunger
Groups are facilitated by professional staff trained to help you or a loved one successfully transition from inpatient treatment back home or into a sober living environment. Aftercare and support following substance abuse treatment is an essential …
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Cyndi Lauper to Perform at Silver Hill Hospital Gala on 11/20
In just a few short years, Silver Hill achieved national recognition as a top tier psychiatric hospital, revered for expert and compassionate treatment for patients struggling with mental illness or addiction. A steadfast adherence to mission – "to …
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Judge metes out maximum sentence in deadly DUI case
Her witness, Lou Ortenzio, also said Smith is someone who could benefit from substance abuse treatment, including an inpatient program. Ortenzio is director of ministries for the Clarksburg Mission and Central West Virginia representative for the …
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