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Question by kober_gurl: is there already a research conducted about “freindster addiction?”?

Best answer:

I can’t seem to find it but, On Thursday December 1st, The New York Times had a lead story in the ThursdayStyles section on internet addiction. The article comes from Redmond, Wash. (home, of course, of Microsoft) and focuses on a therapist who runs “Internet/Computer Addiction Services”.

The therapist specializes in internet addiction disorder, treating people she refers to as “onlineaholics”. And she estimated that approximately 6-10% of the approximately 190,000,000 internet users in this country suffer from this affliction. I must admit that I drink my morning coffee while sitting in front of a computer reading the email that has arrived overnight. But I see the computer just a substitute for the newspaper that I used to read with my coffee twenty years ago.

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