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Brockton Mayor Seeks Harsher Penalties For Drug Dealers Operating Near
BOSTON — Calling Brockton the “epicenter of the heroin crisis in southeastern Massachusetts,” the city's mayor, Bill Carpenter, is proposing tougher penalties for dealers caught trying to sell drugs within 300 feet of an addiction treatment center …
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Drug treatment house approved in North Berwick
The board also mandated a compliance check in one year to make sure the treatment center meets terms of its approval. The center will be … Pelletier and coexecutive director Lindsay Badger are both trained in treating people with drug abuse. Both …
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NY lawmakers asked to help fund more drug treatment facilities
It heard from prosecutors, drug counselors and addicts, who say a crackdown on illegal prescriptions has many drug users turning to heroin and that has led to a dramatic increase in overdoses and deaths. Speakers asked lawmakers to help fund more …
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SOBA Recovery is the "Best Drug Rehab" Nationwide
Greg was also added "We've been able to expand quite a bit at SOBA and can now help more people than ever before. If being named "Best Drug Rehab in America" means we have the opportunity to help more people and their families, that's all I care about.
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Grand Prairie TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Expanded Drug Rehabilitation
Grand Prairie TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching an expanded drug rehabilitation program for adults and adolescents seeking help for their drug addiction problems in Grand Prairie. Drugs have been popular for many years, but their dangerous side …
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The Seedy Underbelly of Rehab Centers' Online Marketing
Lack of scientific evidence aside, residential treatment centers (also known as addiction recovery centers or rehab centers) purport to offer a safe, supportive treatment environment for a person to detox from their addiction, typically for up to 30 …
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Sunday Beat: Rehabilitation centres needed to treat growing drug addiction
With more than a third of the Omani population under the age of 30 years, drug addiction poses a real threat to the society but the government is still reluctant to spend money to rehabilitate addicts. Instead, it is relying on short-term remedies that …
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'Treatment, not punishment'
HMO: Methadone maintenance treatment is now increasingly available due to endeavours of the drug treatment centres of the Ministry of Health. This has had a significant impact on drug users and also the community. The life of the drug user has changed.
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Bain Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics
But as opiates ravage communities from rural Vermont to Hollywood, treating addiction has become big business. The push for national health care, and recent changes to federal health insurance laws could make it even more attractive. Substance abuse …
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Tennessee bill OKs criminal charges for mothers' prenatal drug use
State legislators slid in an amendment to the bill that allows women to avoid criminal charges if they receive drug treatment voluntarily, appeasing early opponents in the state who argued against punishing women addicts. The bill also has a sunset …
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Military, veteran suicides account for nearly one in every four in Florida
“Since its inception, the crisis line has had over 1,150,000 calls,” said Thompson of the VA's suicide prevention program. “That's pretty extraordinary. We're so glad we've had that many calls, but of course it's … “So what that is telling us is that …
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GOP Gov. Rick Scott Raising Big Bucks With Founder of Abusive Teen Boot
In the 17 years that it operated drug treatment centers, Straight Inc. was plagued by news reports and at least one civil suit claiming that its staff kidnapped its adult patients and mentally, physically, and sexually abused their underage charges …
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The GOP's bad boys
Radel initially tried to stay in office, and he attended drug rehab and hired a “crisis communications” consultant to help do damage control. But with Boehner and his own Florida colleagues offering no political cover, Radel – who was elected in …
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Erie PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Expansion
Erie PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Expansion. Drug addiction is simply too much for many people that watch someone they care about slip into the abyss of drugs. They do have somewhere to get immediate help, though.
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Chicago IL Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Long-Term Residential
Chicago IL Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing that a new long-term residential treatment program for adults and adolescents seeking professional help for their drug addiction is now available in Chicago and other cities around the Chicagoland area. A …
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Los Angeles CA Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Program
Los Angeles CA Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching a residential treatment program for adults and adolescents looking to end their serious drug addiction problems in Los Angeles and surrounding cities in Southern California. So many individuals believe …
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