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Brockton Mayor Seeks Harsher Penalties For Drug Dealers Operating Near
BOSTON — Calling Brockton the “epicenter of the heroin crisis in southeastern Massachusetts,” the city's mayor, Bill Carpenter, is proposing tougher penalties for dealers caught trying to sell drugs within 300 feet of an addiction treatment center …
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Drug treatment house approved in North Berwick
The board also mandated a compliance check in one year to make sure the treatment center meets terms of its approval. The center will be … Pelletier and coexecutive director Lindsay Badger are both trained in treating people with drug abuse. Both …
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Bain Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics
But as opiates ravage communities from rural Vermont to Hollywood, treating addiction has become big business. The push for national health care, and recent changes to federal health insurance laws could make it even more attractive. Substance abuse …
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Tennessee bill OKs criminal charges for mothers' prenatal drug use
State legislators slid in an amendment to the bill that allows women to avoid criminal charges if they receive drug treatment voluntarily, appeasing early opponents in the state who argued against punishing women addicts. The bill also has a sunset …
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Officials warn of fentanyl drug abuse
Because some hard-core drug users have built up a tolerance they sometimes combine it with heroin and oxycodone, which is extremely dangerous, Remiker said. “It's suicide, literally,” he said. Clinics have taken steps to prevent abuse by imposing …
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How Personality Increases Risk of Drug Abuse
People with certain personality traits may at increased risk for drug use problems, and studying personality may help researchers better understand and treat these problems, according to a new review. Many studies have attempted to link genes to the …

Bangor area law enforcement leaders tell business group drug abuse is driving
Hathaway, Brewer Police Chief Perry Antone and Penobscot County Sheriff Glenn Ross spoke about how drug use is driving crime in the region, and about the importance of early education and drug treatment programs. “It amounts to: Virtually everything …
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Street drug ketamine could be used to treat depression
“There have been a lot of question marks about why people are using an illicit drug to treat depression,” Holbert said. The drug doesn't offer promising long-term treatment, but it can help with immediate symptoms such as suicidal thoughts, he said.
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Florida Weighs Easing Mandatory Minimums In Drug Cases
TALLAHASSEE — Having seven hydrocodone painkillers on you without a valid prescription can land you in prison with a mandatory three-year sentence. Tough state laws treat drug abusers the same as traffickers, so nonviolent addicts often end up behind …
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Heroin Addicts Face Barriers to Treatment
Candy Murray Abbott, left, and Tammie Norris hold a sign made by Norris that shows a pair of angel's wings with the names of youths who have died from drug abuse in Hamilton, Ohio. The two mothers, who both have a child that is … As the ranks of …
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Christie speaks with compassion on drug addiction and treatment
(CNN) – Republican Gov. Chris Christie teamed up with former Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey to talk about drug addiction on Thursday, the same day Christie signed a bill aimed to improve treatment programs in New Jersey correctional facilities and …
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