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Q&A: Is Arkansas the Only State That ” Pays Off” Its Single People for Having Babies Out of Wedlock?

Question by Sizzlin Sammy: Is Arkansas the only state that ” pays off” its single people for having babies out of wedlock?
In Arkansas,these people suck off the State by getting rental assistance,food stamps and claiming kids at tax time that aren’t even theirs.I am so sick of this!!!They drive nice cars and have diamonds on their fingers at the same time are selling drugs and living the Life.The people that go into “rehab” also get food stamp benefits..And I guess that’s why our streets need repair so badly.Pardon me while I vent !

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Answer by Charlie Farlie
In the UK they are given a house all the benefits. they are now being encouraged to have more “free range kids” by gettingĀ£200 to help them eat healthy food while they are pregnant.When there are hard working mums struggling to bring up a family without state hand outs.

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