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Alcoholics Anon, Narcotics Anon, They All Require a Belief in Higher Power. Do They Work for Non Believers?

Question by zorro1701e: Alcoholics Anon, Narcotics anon, they all require a belief in higher power. Do they work for non believers?
Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics anonymous, they all require a belief in higher power or some kind of god. Do they work for non believers, for atheists or agnostics?
Or are those people destined to fail those programs because the programs are designed for believers?

I have asked this question already in cultures. But thought maybe i would get more responses from Religion & Spirituality
Im not going to one of those groups.
Im not a drug user and only drink at parties.
I was asking out of curiousity.

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Answer by Atheist Hooligan Diver Dude!
I don’t know, but there are non-theistic based recovery groups out there as well.

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